Fairy tail

Laying down in the sun,’I’m the best’ runs through my mind as I get up. All of a sudden I realize I’m not where i used to be. I was on earth and now I’m somewhere else.’Hopefully it’s a dream’I thought. Yup I woke up back where I was. Sadly I must of dozed off,but how can this be. It happened again and now I get it it’s not a dream. Anyway I decide to go for a stroll,all dazed. Then I realize ‘fuck this I’m awesome’ and go for a run. I never run out of breath as I zig zag around. ‘I hate this.




Empty days part 1

Those days when you are lost in a sea of intricate darkness and you find it hard to get out of that. So you just lay there letting satan and his minions destroy you,but why let them do that to you,instead you should hop off that fucking bed and meet some cute girls,or perhaps find a stream of income. Lets look at it from a different view other than despair or bleakness. That darkness we all end up getting into every once in awhile because we are losers by nature but nature can be tweaked.So instead of doing your usual fix of indulging in bed rest Get up and fight for your rights as gods which we all are…….Don’t be a fucking bitch sittin at home perhaps in bed entertaining negative thinking. In life you either opt for being a god or a loser its that simple. Realize that your own best friend is you but also your own worst enemy is you too…The thing I hate most is suicide,when people end their own lives without seeing their true potential or even believing they even have a potential. Pain is temporary but strength comes after you’ve pushed your very limits and come out smiling saying “I did the impossible bitches!” So do things like hit the gym,date hot girls,and ridding yourself of any weakness and then see how you well you can tackle life.Make these your priority,health and wealth and cute girls. Money is also very important unless you wanna be on the streets dirt poor and broke out of your mind. You need strength and to get strength you need courage and to get courage you need to say NO to your enemies,and yes you will need to fight them…and win of course. Until next time.

Power of the self

The power of the self cannot be deterred with. This is your life and you need to choose what the hell you’re going to do with it. Whether you sit around all day spiraling into a slavish daze of weakness and pain or a gratified state of peace and happiness then by all means keep moving forward. Oh yea you heard right my friend,quit being a slave and keep moving forward. Don’t be a dumbass and quit on life and most importantly don’t be a dumb ass and quit on living,yes I said that again haha but you get it. Keep hope and be a man and always fight in life. After a good pleasurable struggle take a nap or eat something nice. Be hard, be aggressive and don’t play fair because life is merciless and it will cut you down if you are weak and effete,remember that. The strong in this world never sit still and they never stop laughing at life’s obstacles and challenges.

The one thing man has forgotten to learn is that staying with the same old people,circumstances and thoughts and feelings usually lead to a feeling of self resentment and self bullying. Sounds funny i know but man it is true as well as frustrating.

Win at all costs,be stillness itself,let go of the past. 

To win you must already think that you have won and then the circumstances will make that a reality for you.Align your emotions and thoughts toward a single goal and work towards it rapidly. Be who you want to be release all fear and idiocy. Be dominant and aggressive,not passive. Practice leading not being led. Above all,love yourself enough to not burden yourself with garbage. Find cute girls,eat a lot have fun and be satisfied with small victories and wins.Travel this gorgeous world and prove others wrong,Go against the grind in other words be smart. Be unique,powerful beyond measure,don’t give in to weakness and above all be proud of your strength and abilities and of yourself as a whole. Don’t live in fear live in love and dream fully. What one can conceive one can achieve.


To live we must fight

and to fight we must live.

I wonder what these words may mean to those who fail to see the torment of those who had died and to those who still cannot even breathe. Whatever it may all mean to me it’s all a joke. The skies burn red and the trash infested scum plots to take over my world. It is truly unfair to witness such hypocrisy erupt and blossom within us all. The power is within us all to overcome the most tragic of problems so long as you do not think fatalistically you will be fine.

Domination is everything and so,self preservation must be the central focus of this world.Well,that and winning. And to be at the bottom of the barrel is to kiss it goodnight.

Domination is the cure for all ills.

Pain is not all there is

Anger and agony are better motivators than misery, to get things done you need two main hormones…and they are dopamine and testosterone. These two hormones are all you need to become the best and most intelligent. Whatever blocks you from becoming stronger and better it is either guilt or some feeling of worthlessness. To override the sorrows you must be entitled and claim power for yourself and be destined for greatness. You must stand tall and encourage yourself to achieve things that you’ve always wanted,things that will make you happy and proud. A worthy goal for example would be to become a millionaire. But do you know HOW you are going to become one? You probably think it will take years of hard work and dedication, Well that may be true but not entirely true. You see….we are in a world of infinite possibilities, believe in something long enough and it will happen I guarantee it. Even if it’s bad things they will happen if you keep them in your mind long enough…now no need to get defensive or afraid of every thought you get. You just need to realize that our minds are powerful, they can either make us or destroy us in the end it is up to us to decide that. You can either be the king(or queen) of the world or be a pile of dirt in the ground that everyone walks on….In the end you decide, use your pain as a motivator, whether you’re angry,mad,sad,despairing use it all as a motivator, say to yourself  ‘fuck it, I’m tough and I deserve more! My life has value damn it!’ and from there you go out and tackle the world like the proud individual you are. Always have your own back this world can be cruel and merciless and the weak die off easily. YOU MUST BE STRONG. Strength can be increased simply by deciding that you will be the best man in the world, a dominant leader. And then from there you go out and enjoy being the best. Of course there may be little blocks as to why you can’t do it or don’t deserve it but fuck those thoughts, say to yourself, “Why can’t I be worthy? I am worthy of power and power is worthy of me!” This my friends is the path to true liberation,power, and bliss. It won’t be easy but in the end you will reap the rewards. Now, go out there and dominate with pride! Talk to you all soon. Oh yea one more thing, put a high value on your own life and walk the world with dignity and valor. And if you are dealing with things like,say depression then get angry! but the anger you must use is a form called righteous anger, a good form of anger you need it in the beginning stages of getting up to par with life. Anyway that’s all for now and you better follow this priceless information, you are worthy!

Masculine Pride and it’s fragility and futility

HOPE is a four letter word. And despair is a seven letter word. In the end which is strongest and which will define your life? Well that is for you to decide my friend because we always have a choice when it comes to how we live our life. You can live your life free, fun and on edge or you can curl up into a ball caught up in idle activity and idiocy. At the end of the day the world keeps spinning. It’s all about which values you use in life….Virtues such as courage,diligence and confidence are going to take you far in life and it will make the ride more endurable too. Entitlement and righteousness are also values which will make you successful.in LIFE.

New Day New Way

i haven’t blogged in so long due to travels and personal nuisances but I’m back and with more knowledge and power than ever.  Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. To build pride one must be productive and remain enthusiastic about his/her goals. Gender is an illusion, race is an illusion. If you want pride i suggest you build self pride and defend that pride with your life because it will bring you many successes and victories and those are a good thing. Remove any resistance for such things. If you feel unworthy or you feel life is not worth living choose to feel worthy and entitled anyway.Don’t be swept by emotions instead you must be hard as a rock,stoic and relentless while pursuing your goals…You deserve the best. we all do and you must be willing to do whatever it takes to be the best you can be. Life can be easy,life can be fun but it all starts with taking that first step toward GREATNESS and never looking back. The mind sticks to what it finds to be familiar and comfortable…so you must put evolutionary thrill on yourself. Act on ideas, chase dreams be passionate and full of fire because living this way is extremely fun,we deserve this. We need to become the ultimate warriors, prideful yet graceful. Powerful yet charming. We must become completion in others words we must reach our full potential. PERFECTION is what we are we just need to dig it up. Strength and courage you must rely on in this world and probably in the worlds to come. Also you must love yourself and take PRIDE in who you are and you are perfection in all its forms. LOVE,FREEDOM,POWER AND PURE BLISS SHOULD BE WHAT WE STRIVE FOR IN ALL WE DO,IN ALL WE ARE WE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.If anyone dare stands in your way mercilessly crush them without remorse or hesitation…We don’t stand for bullshit we have self respect,we have honor and dignity. We are ever powerful we are immortal. Nothing will dare stand in our way,ever. We are great beings we will not stand for a hellish world instead we will aggressively create a heaven on this earth. A personal heaven and a heaven where only beauty,love and joy can reside and all suffering non-existent. Be detached from outcomes and be indifferent to all criticisms! Know your enemies from your friends because this will save from a lot of unneeded irritations. We are champions we will not die and we cannot lose. We will create heaven on earth, we will save those who want to die,we will be their protectors. We stand for love,truth,freedom and happiness so we can create a life worth living. That is all for now.

Transcend all limits

Most of us live well below our true potential, we may be heading on the right track but there is still so much energy to exercise. We hold ourselves back from expressing our full power, either consciously or subconsciously. Humans have become lazy as a whole whether we realize it or not. People back in the prehistoric times knew what it meant to live as a warrior, everyday was uncertain they did not rest on their laurels for long because who would hunt for food if everyone was just sitting around the hut or wherever eating some fish they caught 4 days ago. Almost everyday they hunted, and everyday they explored the environments around them. They were happy,much happier than the life we now lead. Nowadays we have so much yet we are disconnected from true living. Look around you, look out your window this is not how true living is like. I guarantee most of us are privileged to a degree to be able to live in a city. It is very convenient to able to walk only a few steps to a drug store or convenience store. We have created so much as a species, but what we have created is simply a clever prison trap. Society puts lies in our heads telling us we aren’t good enough unless we have this or that but I say we aren’t good enough until we realize we have been good enough all along and that it had been covered up with deceitful tricks. We live sheltered lives and that has made us weak both mentally and physically. The longer we stay ‘safe’ the more miserable we become overtime. Once we overcome society we must overcome the lions themselves and become the new kings of the Earth. Boredom is an illusion set by society. How can you be bored? This world is vast, explore it. Our minds alone are another world to explore so we cannot be bored. We must be fighters to protect our dreams and to make them a reality. Never run but of course have common sense. Don’t face anything that will slow you down to the point of death. But sometimes dying leads to a new awakening. Death is merely another limit to transcend but most are afraid of it for good reason because no one knows what the hell happens after death. The dead clearly cannot tell us how it is like. Once you go you never come back. Does this scare you? It should scare you but you will fight anyway, living a long mediocre life is 10x worse than living an amazing magic filled life that ends abruptly one day due to getting shot or whatever. Cowardice is a vice, recklessness is a vice as well. Courage is an honorable virtue to have,along with diligence and zest. These three virtues alone and you are powerful. And as your achievements increase so does your pride. Pride isn’t really a vice in my books, its a virtue, a great virtue the virtue of completion. Thinking of oneself before others isn’t a bad thing. You must help yourself before you can help others, you must become stronger before others can acknowledge you, this isn’t supposed to discourage but make you see that your dreams should be the most important thing you protect, assuming you are alone, if you have people you care simply add them to your dreams and let them help you reach the top. Just know that it’s endless. Once you begin to stop you begin to die and not in a noble way either so keep on moving and don’t let anything get in the way, simply ignore all distractions or tear them down. The only thing that should matter to you is your dream.

Desire and Will, it’s time to climb hills.

We all desire many things, some people desire peace, others desire war. Some desire freedom and strangely some desire being confined. But the desire of being confined is merely another desire in disguise and that is the desire of being ‘safe’. Safety can be the cause for emptiness, safety can keep you from doing anything meaningful. Safety in most cases is just another word for prison. Desire is very powerful, we need to find out what we really want and then have the will power to go and get it. If you are a masochist fulfill that desire by working out and pushing your body to the extreme. If you are a sadist go hunting. If we really think about it, our minds are what dictate how our lives get lived. This is why the mind can be a dark prison or an empowering godly tool. Our heart and mind are our greatest tools so therefore we must protect them with all our strength and make sure we don’t inflict any damage on it ourselves. Sometimes the heart and mind fight each other. Negative emotions take over thinking decisions a lot of the time even when we don’t realize it and soon we are left immobilized thanks to thoughts and emotions that we can’t control. But we mustn’t stall, if we are exhausted due to poor decisions and avoiding everything then expecting for things to get better the next day is a dream. The mind works on momentum and repetition. We become what we repeatedly do so if we want to change we must change in this moment, either physically or in thinking. We are unconscious most of the time and do the same things over and over because they have become ingrained in our heads. Habits and negative emotions and avoiding things can lead to addictions which become hard to get out of unless we desperately desire something else enough to get out there and get it. Emotions become addictions too, a lot of people let apathy, fear or other negative emotions hold them back from ever getting leading a happy life. Solitude is a good place to think but stay in there for too long and you’ll never want to leave especially if fear or shame led you to solitude in the first place! in those cases we need to make a tough decision and face whatever consequence that decision makes and all choices have their costs and benefits. If we really think about it the worst enemy we ever have to deal with is ourselves. If we were to monitor some peoples heads and hear their thoughts of themselves we would have them institutionalized. Shame torments us because we haven’t forgiven ourselves. Even if we aren’t the forgiving kind we can at least forgive ourselves… If we don’t cut ourselves some slack then life won’t be enjoyable. If we really look at your intent we may find that we actually want to suffer but really that is just shame hijacking your thoughts and emotions. Forgive yourself and accept yourself, it may be the hardest thing we could ever do. We all delude ourselves and have a certain self image. We may see ourselves as weak or helpless and thus act in ways that only validate that. On the other hand we may see ourselves as strong, capable and worthy and thus act in ways that validate that as well. But before anything can happen we must have the desire to become stronger, the desire to be free etc. If we desire pain then we must ask ourselves why? It pisses me off how sometimes the greatest enemy, the greatest nuisance can be ourselves. It’s also kinda liberating to come to that realization. Because we take responsibility and we aren’t victims. It’s very funny that some people DESIRE to be VICTIMS! Now that is twisted and the best advice i can give us for that is to ignore it. But even that isn’t enough in some cases so then you must either choose something else or just play it out to see if you even enjoy it. BUT some people NEVER LEARN AND KEEP DOING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER. It is insanity. The best cure for insanity might be contradiction but that may actually be a cause of insanity so action is key when our minds and emotions aren’t complying properly. ACTION AND FOCUS WILL HELP US IN THOSE MOMENTS AND BUILDING OURSELVES A POSITIVE SELF IMAGE WITH REPETITION OF EMPOWERING ACTIONS THAT FEED POSITIVE BELIEFS. When the mind is unresponsive then action will solve the problem. Thinking all day will lead to your downfall. And once we embark on a quest to achieve a goal we must never look back and we must never give up, because doing so will keep us in internal conflict. Let the internal conflict motivate us to keep going and doing more then we could ever believe. Set a powerful intent towards our goal that will never die. Realize that our thoughts are not us. They are our emotions and fighting them will surely send us towards insanity if we are not there already. Clean our kingdom which is our heart and mind and lets begin moving again towards a better day. Let’s fulfill our true desires and if you’re Buddhist monk then continue being awesome because being free from desire is also a great gift. Desire is neutral, it’s our desire which can deviate from good. We must know what the hell we want and to do that we must know ourselves and that will take some time and energy too maybe but it will be worth it, also we must learn to enjoy our own company and to care for ourselves and fulfill our needs and desires ourselves without the help of anyone else and if there is a demon standing in our way be it outside force or a force within then we must tear our demons down and tear any insanity within our psyche to shreds. Think well of yourself and don’t take crap from nobody. Have self respect and have the intent to care for yourself and protect yourself from all nonsense,always. Remember, feel strong desire for something, then without hesitation go and get it and ignore whatever is in your way or if it can’t be ignored then destroy it completely. We have choices all the time, when we choose not to act is that not a choice in and of itself? Have fun fulfilling desires. Heal yourself, Kill your enemies and dominate your goals. We should desire to sever your bonds with anyone who only holds us back and then do it. It is going to be a long climb and we may fall off a few times but eventually we will win and winning is pleasurable. We must get it through to our heads that taking action is pleasurable…And we must also get through to our heads that we are worthy and deserving of what it is we want…as long as it’s something that will benefit us and aid us in becoming the strongest version of who we are…